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Dates 29 Apr-26 May 27 May-01 Jul 02 Jul-09 Sep  10 Sep-30 Sep 01 Oct-04 Nov 


330 USD

390 USD

430 USD

390 USD

325 USD

Mr. Deniz Kamaci

+90 212 254 15 21


Day 1

Boarding the yacht in Bodrum. Dinner and overnight in the harbor.

Day 2

Departure after breakfast. First stop by Karaada, the little island in front of Bodrum. After lunch and a cruise of 3-4 hours, we arrive Çati, a lovely bay surrounded with pine trees on the south coast of the Gulf. Dinner and overnight here.

Day 3

Cruising 1.5 hours after breakfast we arrive at the region of 7 Islands. In the Kufre bay, we would suggest you take a short walk through the storax (liquid-amber) forest. Perhaps you can have your dinner as a barbecue tonight.

Day 4

After breakfast, a short cruise of 1.5 hours will bring us to Longoz Bay. In the afternoon we arrive in Karacasogut. This small village is only 25 km away from Marmaris. You may rent a minibus after dinner and spend some hours in Marmaris

Day 5

Leaving Karacasogut, we arrive at Cleopatra (Cedrae) Island after a short cruise. On the west of the island, a wonderful little beach is situated. It is said that the sand of this beach was brought for Cleopatra from the desert of North Africa. Late in the afternoon, we leave the Island to anchor in one of the bays by Degirmen Buku.  A small creek on the west side of this bay is called Ingiliz Limani (English Harbor). This name is derived from the Second World War, when English torpedo boats hid in this cove.

Day 6

Leaving English Harbor, we cruise to the northern side of the Gulf to Akbuk. Here we will spend some hours by swimming, windsurfing... and in the afternoon, we continue our trip to Cokertme Bay (2 hours).

Day 7

Today we cruise back to Bodrum. After swimming stops by Oraklar and/or Çiftlik, we will decide to cruise to Bitez or the harbor of Bodrum for the last dinner and overnight.

Day 8

Disembarking in Bodrum.

General Conditions of Tour

- Tours depart every Saturday. Duration is 1 week.
- Disembarkation is next Saturday in the morning.
- All meals are included.
- All beverages including water are extra.
- Clients have occasional chances to visit historical sites as explained in the itinerary.
- There are no professional tour guides but a Turkish crew.
- Please check the
Terms & Conditions section. 

Yacht Specifications

- The boats are about 32 m. long and they generally have 6 to 8 double cabins.
- In the main hall, there is air-conditioning.  Rooms have ventilation.

- Third bed in a double cabin has %27 discount.

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Boutique Hotels

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