An antique city situated near the Karacasu-Aydın province, was established in the name of Goddess Aphrodite. It continued to be a great center of inbatiance from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Preiod (2800 B.C. - 220 A.D.). During excavations, the Aphrodite Temple, Odeon, Statium and agora, and the city baths have been revaled. Aphrodisias was well known during the Early Age as a center of sculpture. The Aphrodisias Stadium is one of the best preserved stadiums among the antique city stadiums in Anatolia.


A lovely town, a popular port, and at the same time, an attractive holiday resort, is this "Bird Island" taking its name from the little "Dove Island" in the harbor. Facing this islet covered with flowers, Kusadasi stands on the beautiful shores of Aegean Sea, overlooking a bay of real fascination.

The pretty beaches along the deep blue sea will be the first to tempt newcomers with their scenic view under the glittering sun. When wandering through the town, one will be pleased a second time, by the modernity and high quality of the numerous accommodation establishments and related with their many facilities.

The large marina here is a favorite place of yachtsmen, with its complete services, and it is a colorful site to visit, being also a good shopping area. The famous ancient cities near Kusadasi, like Ephesus, Miletos and Priene, Didyma make the district interesting for sightseers, together with the historical remains like the old fortress and caravansary inside the town. The Dilek National Park, which is a wildlife preserve and a heaven for many species is worth seeing.

All of these charming spots complete the picturesque appearance of this town; Kusadasi today constitutes a perfect resort for every type of vacation at any time.


It is 12 kms northeast of the town of Karacasu. The history of this ancient city goes back to 4000 BC but the major part of Aphrodisias was built in the 1st-century BC. It was constructed to pay homage to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility, whom it takes its name from.

Inside the high city walls, stand beautiful buildings covered by white and blue-gray marbles. The artistic style of the carvings on the monuments were so magnificent that the city soon became the master of arts, and its fame reached all sides of the ancient world. It constituted the greatest center of sculpturing, with its "School of Sculpture" the marvelous works of which are now displayed at the nearby museum.

An impressive sight in this city is the Aphrodisian theatre dating to the Hellenistic period. The lovely Aphrodisias odeion is another, being one of the excellent constructions in the area.

The Temple of Aphrodite is the most prominent remains with its high columns stand erected. One of the best-preserved stadiums in the world is also here, later used as an arena for gladiators.