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S Class

KARADUT - Yellow Room

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S Class

KARADUT - Red Room

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KARADUT - Brides Room

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General: 6 Rooms, 14 Beds. In this village of  paradise surrounded by olive groves, peach orchards and vineyards, there has been a small but picturesque guest house since 1993 called SIRINCE EVLERI. Consisted of two old Greek cottages, SIRINCE EVLERI are with a capacity of only 14 beds. They have recently been restored with great respect, loyalty to the traditional architectural heritage of the village. These two charming houses are named by local fig species: ALTINYAPRAK (Golden Leaf) and KARADUT (Mulberry).

Facilities of the Rooms: TV, Air-Conditioning, Minibar,Shower and Toilet, Hair Dryer, Central Heating

Food and Drink: The breakfast table is ready for you after a fabulous night in SIRINCE EVLERI. You will have your breakfast with the sounds of the farm animals in the village and birds of the nearby forest and will take advantage of all natural fresh orange juice, village dairy products, kinds of olives, fresh eggs and home made jams from raspberries, orange, watermelon, eggplant and dates.

Facility and Services: Internet,Parking Lot, Dry Cleaning, Laundry Service.

How to Go: A short journey of 8 kms from Selcuk, world-renowned Aegean location of the ruins of Ephesus antique site and the House of Virgin Mary will take you to Sirince, an old Greek village. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport 63 km.


Now, we invite you to visit these two precious houses, eyewitnesses of Sirince’s historical past. Let’s discover first ALTINYAPRAK, situated just opposite the mosque of the village.

This 87 years old house can provide convenience for four guests and it consists of two bedrooms, a common bathroom for them and a hall reflecting the 19th century Turkish daily house life. Embraced by a garden under the shade of an elderly tangerine tree, ALTINYAPRAK is suitable for a couple, a family of four or an amicable group of two couples.

The bedroom in the entrance flat has twin beds and a built-in wardrobe.

There is a douple bed in the upper storey bedroom.

The enchanting beauty exhibited both in the decoration of the main hall in the upper storey

and the common bathroom placed in the entrance flat will take you away from the hustle and bustle of modern city life.

When you long for refreshment the mini bar is at your service with all kinds of drinks. TV set is also added to the main hall’s furniture in order to follow events happening outside of Sirince. The kitchenette of the main hall will enable you to prepare your tea or coffee, which you may sip within this appealing environment.

The historical atmosphere ornamented with meticulously selected objects of yesteryears is not a peculiarity of these rooms. Because of its exceptional location providing natural coolness, ALTINYAPRAK doesn’t need air conditioning in summer time. During the winter season, it’s heated by electrical heaters.


A serenity which seems eternal has a dominance on this garden composite floral fragrance brought by the awakening nature of springtime. The only interference to this calmness is the splashing sound of the manmade waterfall at the outskirts of the palm tree. We recommend you to choose the chariot settee overlooking the waterfall for a summer afternoon reading.

There are four bedrooms in KARADUT; two of them are for two and two others are for three guests. Every room is climatised and has a private bathroom. There exists an additional electrical heating system in the bathrooms for winter seasons.

We begin looking at KARADUT with the “YELLOW ROOM”. The room placed in the entrance flat has a splendid wooden ceiling and it has a partial view of the garden.

The “RED ROOM” is named by the colour of the bed covers, which warms the wood vastly used in decoration.

We are directing our way towards the upper storey by the staircase

Now, we are in the “BRIDE’s ROOM” which has a generous view of the village and the forests surrounding it. This room was accommodating the guests of rich tobacco merchant Vassili of Kýrkýndja (the old name of Sirince) in the 1920s. In the beginning, this room was designed to be the host room for two people. However, upon the requests of some couples travelling with their children, we have added an antique brass bed near the present double bed. The Victorian chandelier from a Istanbul mansion reflects the magnificence of the ornamented ceiling made by master Georgios of Kýrkýndja.

The last room of KARADUT is the winter room of Vassili; we named it as the “PROVINCIAL ROOM”. This room also consists of a double bed and an additional single bed; it is a triple room
The “PROVINCIAL ROOM” is as lovely as the other rooms of KARADUT. We can even claim that it has more splendour. The glamorous portraits of the girls on the covers of the built-in wardrobes are inspiring. This room has a marvellous view of the village and the forests, too. The fireplace’s frontal surface is adorned by traditional ceramics depicting the love of Turkish folk for flowers and nature. The mini bar is at your service, please help yourself.
The mysterious sounds coming from the forest at full moon nights, the silhouettes of the hills embracing Sirince and the ballet of the moonlight among olive groves will form the romantic touches to the memories of your stay in KARADUT.