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Antalya, the capital of the Turkish Riviera, nestles in the middle of the gulf against the high Lycian mountains. In ancient times Antalya covered all Pamphylia that means "the land of all tribes". The land really deserves the name since it has witnessed many civilizations throughout history. Founded by Attalos II, King of Pergamun between 160 and 139 BC, who had ordered his men to find him "paradise on earth". The city was first called "Attaleia". Under the Roman Empire the city attained great. Importance. St. Paul sailed into Antalya AD 48 on his return to Antioch. And later in 1, 30 AD when the Emperor Hadrian. Visited Antalya, an arch was built in his honour that is now worth seeing. Then came the Byzantines, after which the Seljuk Turks took over the city in 1 207 and gave it a different name, Adalya.

 Antalya the jewel of Mediterranean is the capital of the turquoise Riviera of Turkey. It is city of contrasts, a city of endless varieties. Though Antalya is known, especially in the west, as a destination for holiday package, but it is a perfect venue for meetings and incentives, offering fascinating incentive and conference opportunities. The sun shines on Antalya. Antalya combines a setting of stunning natural beauty and archeological sites of different civilizations, with new and well run infra and super structure for tourism. The new airport of Antalya was opened in 1998.

 Your guests will indulge working productively in Antalya's atmosphere while having a break at a golden beach or visiting an amphitheatre remained thousands years ago, rafting in the waterfall or skiing in the mountains in the same day or even enjoy for a jeep safari through the canyons with a lunch taken in the middle of nowhere.

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