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Imagine swimming amongst a kaleidoscope of marine life such as large groupers, moray eels, octopus, rainbow wrasse, even turtles, rays and the notoriously friendly DOLPHIN if you are lucky. All this back dropped by a sea that encrusted with brilliantly colored anemones and coral. Perhaps you are a bit of an archaeologist? The area is steeped in ancient history. Who knows amongst the curious caverns rambling reefs, there may be relics from the days of Alexander the Great, just waiting to be discovered. Here in Marmaris, overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Aegean sea is "Aqua vision" a dive center especially created for people who want to take a CMAS or PADI course to become a world wide accepted diver... And what an adventure awaits!!!!!  



Max. Depth: 24 m.  Dive time: 45 min. Or 50 Bar.
Multilevel exp. dive. Only available for exp. divers. Boat diving, buddy teams with maximum of six people in a group led by a guide diver. A very nice place to dive, moray eels and octopus everywhere.

KADIRGA KOYU. (Wreck Rock)

Max Depth: 22 m.   Dive Time: 45 min. Or 50 bar
Boat Diving during which you will see a ancient wreck. You will be surprised to see amphora all around you and groupers next to them - Great dive!!

KADIRGA POINT (Octopus Wreck)

Max. Depth: 24 m.  Dive Time: 45 min or 50 Bar
Boat diving. Another three thousand year old wreck. You will enjoy it because there will be groupers all around you. 


Max. Depth: 27m.   Dive time: 45mins. Or 50 Bar
Jump from the boat next to the caves and go down the drop-off to 27 m. Groupers will be there waiting for you. The shoreline will be on your right and it will be nice and slow diving. You will love it!!


Max. Depth: 26m.   Dive time: 45 min. Or 50 Bar
Boat diving again. The rock formation is very interesting and there will be many fish around you for the duration of the dive. 


Max. Depth: 24m.   Dive time: 45 min or 50 Bar
After we anchor the boat we will jump in. A very interesting reef goes down with a great diversity of marine life on and around it. It is a very good dive!!


Max. Depth: 25m.   Dive time: 45 min or 50 Bar
You will love this dive because as soon you go under the water the life is all around you. As we ascend from the dive we will go into tunnels and lots of little caves, which is fun, fun, fun!!!


Max Depth: 21m.    Dive time: 45mins or 50 Bar
We jump from the boat and go down to 21m. Where we will come across a wreck of a Gulet. Very nice and interesting dive.


Max. Depth: 21m.   Dive time: 45 min or 50 Bar
This dive is exciting from the start, because at 6m we come across a tunnel from which we will exit at a depth of 12m. From there we will descend down to 21m together with the groupers. Fun from start to finish!!! 


Max Depth: 25m.    Dive time: 45mins or 50 Bar
This dive takes you around the whole island (air permitting). The island itself is a complete drop-off where lots of big fish tend to gather. If we are lucky they will pass close to us making the dive all the more enjoyable.


Max. Depth: 38m.   Dive time: 30 min or 50 Bar
This is a very relaxing dive, jumping off the boat into 3m. Of water, snorkeling for approx. 5 min. And free descending down to 23m. to the large ancient anchor with amphora around it.


Max. Depth: 35m.   Dive time: 45 min or 50 Bar
A spectacular dive at multiple depths. After 10 min. swimming under the water you reach a beautiful cave starting at 7m. full of colors. Gradually dropping off to a max. Of 35m.

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